Center for Anti-Oppressive Education



2008 Conference




Tentative 2008 Conference Schedule
(as of May 15th)


9:00-9:30 Registration and Refreshments
9:30-11:00 Breakout Session #1
11:15-12:45 Breakout Session #2
12:45-1:15 Refreshments
1:15-2:45 Breakout Session #3
3:00-4:30 Breakout Session #4
4:30-6:30 Reception and Film Screening


9:00-9:30 Refreshments
9:30-11:00 Breakout Session #5
11:15-1:00 Breakout Session #6
1:00-1:30 Refreshments
1:30-3:00 Breakout Session #7
3:15-4:45 Breakout Session #8
5:00-7:00 Post-Conference Workshop on Publishing

* * * * *


Breakout Session #1

1A: Symposium: Building Racial and Cultural Competence in the Classroom: Strategies from Urban Educators

Karen Manheim Teel, Holy Names University; Jennifer E. Obidah, University of the West Indies; Tarika Barrett, New York University; and Kimberly Mayfield, Holy Names University

1B: Curriculum Showcases: Innovative Courses for Pre-Service Teachers

Social Justice Education in Schools: A Graduate Course Linking Theory to K-12 Practice
Alison George and Bailey Jackson, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

The Right to an Education: Reflections on Justice
Virginia McCormack, Ohio Dominican University

Social Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Education in a Democratic and Pluralistic Society
Linda Nowell, California State University at Sacramento

Breakout Session #2

2A: Research Presentations: Critical Analyses of Teacher-Education Programs

Making the Invisible Visible: An Assessment of Illinois Teacher Preparation Programs' Inclusion of LGBTQ Issues
Therese Quinn, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; and others

Educational Leadership and Teacher Training for Capacity Building and Social Justine in Thailand
Mohamed A. Nur-Awaleh, Illinois State University

Everyday Antiracism: Getting Real about Race in School
Mica Pollock, Harvard University

Social Justice: Rhetoric or Reality? ... An Evaluation of Teacher Preparation at the University of Texas at Austin
Jamie Stone, University of Texas at Austin

2B: Research Presentations: Learning from the Experiences of Students

Cyberbullying Internationally Increasing: New Challenges in Technology Generation
Ikuko Aoyama and Tony L. Talbert, Baylor University

Adult Bullying in Academia: Narratives from Gay Men of Color in Higher Education
Mitsu Misawa, University of Georgia

The Model Minority Stereotype and the Underachiever: Academic and Social Struggles of Underachieving Korean Immigrant High School Students
Gilbert C. Park, Ball State University

Maintaining Diversity in the Post-Civil Rights Era: An Action Research Ethnography
Pamela Quiroz, Vernon Lindsay, and Endea Murry, University of Illinois at Chicago

2C: Curriculum Showcases: Interactive Activities for Teacher-Education Courses

Idealized versus Raced Experience of Life: Preparing Educators to Eradicate "the [Racial] Gap Between the Promise of Our Ideals and the Reality of Our Time"
Devon Alexander, Oak Park and River Forest High School

"You've Wrecked Cosmo Forever!": Media Analysis in a Teacher Preparation Diversity Course
Sheila K. Marquardt, Michigan State University

Into the Wind: Teacher Education in the Slipstream
Kaia Tollefson and Eric Toshalis, California State University at Channel Islands

2D: Curriculum Showcases: Using Literature in K-16 Classrooms

Developing Critical Consciousness through Social Justice and Resistance Literature
Curtis Acosta, Tucson High Magnet School and University of Arizona

Media, Determinism, and Bigger Thomas: Reading Our Social Worlds through Richard Wright's Native Son
Noah Golden, City University of New York Graduate Center and Satellite Academy

Using Literature to Discuss Critical Issues
Michelle Reidel, Georgia Southern University; and others

Breakout Session #3

3A: Research Presentations: Experiences of New and Continuing Teachers

Understanding Diversity: How New Teachers See the Diversity among Their Students
Nelson Graff, San Francisco State University

How Teachers Learn to Teach in the School Workplace
Hsiang-ling Huang, Indiana University

Struggling to Define "Teaching for Social Justice" through the Practices of Five Elementary School Teachers
Nora E. Hyland, Rutgers University

3B: Research Presentations: Cross-Disciplinary Conversations

Becoming Critical Mathematics Pedagogues: Three Teachers' Beginning Journey
David W. Stinson, Georgia State University

"It's Just a Movie!": Finding Facts within the Fiction through Collective and Connective Reading
Grisel Y. Acosta, University of Texas at San Antonio

Reframing Science Teaching: Towards Fostering a Critical Multicultural Scientific Literacy
Aamer Shujah, University of Windsor, Canada

Culturally Relevant Arts Integration: An Approach to Socially Responsive Curriculums
Kelly Hrenko, University of Minnesota

3C: Curriculum Showcases: More Interactive Activities for Teacher-Education Courses

Teaching Students from Diverse Cultures: Challenges and Solutions
Elaine Pierce Chakonas, Northeastern Illinois University

The Difficult but Essential Work of Discussing Stereotypes
Yasar Bodur, Georgia Southern University; and others

Reforming the Road to Jericho: Using Performative Pedagogy to Bridge Discourses
Mary Ann Reilly, Manhattanville College

3D: Curriculum Showcases: Social Studies Curriculum for K-16 Classrooms

Using the Internet as a Tool for Promoting Social Justice: An Important Skill for Pre-Service Teachers
Alberto Lopez-Carrasquillo, Northeastern Illinois University

Theater of the Assessed: Drama-Based Pedagogies in the History Classroom
Rachel Mattson, New York University

Camoflouged: Investigating How the U.S. Military Affects You and Your Community
Edwin Mayorga, New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE)

Breakout Session #4

4A: Symposium: Current Political Context of Education and Teacher-Education Reform

William Ayers, Pauline Lipman, David Omotoso Stovall, and others, University of Illinois at Chicago

4B: Research Presentations: More Cross-Disciplinary Conversations

The Implementation of Technology at a Fourth and Fifth Grade Elementary School
Adel T. Al-Bataineh, Illinois State University

Initial Response of University Teachers for Recapturing Spiritual and Cultural Values Into Science Education: The Case of Ethiopian People
Solomon Belay, Ontario Institute for the Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada

The Art of Social Justice: Visualizing Democracy in the Age of Standardization
Pablo Serrano, Northern Illinois University

Beyond Tacos and Pizza: Critical Literacy in the World Language Classroom
Rita Verma, Adelphi University

4C: Research Presentations: Texts, Voice, and Community

Teacher Films as Texts
Claire Fontaine, City University of New York Graduate Center

"That's Where the Power's At": Exploring Spaces of Power and Learning through Hip-Hop with Youth and Adult Teachers
Jung Kim, University of Illinois at Chicago

Teaching Wilshire Bus: Exploring "Voices of America" in the Classroom
Karen Su, University of Illinois at Chicago

Making Connections between Black Migration and Mexican Immigration through Children's Literature and the Arts
Lucille Tomlinson, Marlene Tyler, and Cristina Menendez, Chicago Public Schools

4D: Curriculum Showcases: Teacher Professional Development

Challenging Oppressive Hegemonic Views: Encouraging Human Rights and Social Justice Perspectives in the Classroom
Elizabeth DeMulder, Stacia Stribling, Moni Day, and Elavie Ndura, George Mason University

Social Justice Critical Inquiry Project
Bree Picower, Symone Johnson, Dan Hildreth, Emily Eller, Veronica Cuerva, Valerie Bracco, and Emily Munzer, New York University

Working "Under the Radar" toward Teacher Understanding of Sexual Orientation
Laurie Puchner, Ann Taylor, and Nicole Klein, Southern Illinois University

* * * * *


Breakout Session #5

5A: Research Presentations: Innovative K-12 Co-Curricular Programs

Transnational Teaching Connections: Linkages and Learning
Janelle Johnson, University of Arizona

Teach America to Your Passion: Impact of the Chess Program on Alternative School Students
Mikhail Korenman, Community Christian Alternative Academy

Models of Tutoring Programs Launched at High Schools on the South-Side of Chicago and Suburbs
Tamara V. Korenman and Eileen Quinn Knight, Saint Xavier University; JoAnn Gesiakowska and Larry Ehretsman, Reavis High School

Revisiting a Student-Oriented Curriculum in the Nigerian Secondary School System
Roseline E. Tawo, University of Calabar, Nigeria

5B: Curriculum Showcases: New Programs within Teacher Education

Working from the Outside In: Transforming One Graduate School of Education
Mary R. Ferguson, University of Missouri at St. Louis

Growing Integrated Support Systems for Student Success
Bert Klunder, Illinois State University

Moved to Tears - Moved to Act
Judith Reed, Keene State College and World Educational Links; and Karen Saunders, Putney Central Elementary School

5C: Curriculum Showcases: Critical (Media) Literacy

PUSHing Pre-Service Teachers to Rethink Literacy
Cathleen C. Clara, Michigan State University

What Might Media Literacy Look Like in Practice?
Ian Esquivel, Toronto District School Board, Canada

What Might Critical Literacy Look Like in Practice?
Carol Ricker-Wilson, Toronto District School Board, Canada

Breakout Session #6

6A: Symposium: Learning from Student Teachers

Kevin Schneider, Dana Munoz, Melissa Cartagena, and Luz Arroyo, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Lisa Marie Gregory, Israel Hernandez, Maribel Ortiz, Vigunya Sandy Voratanitkitkul, and Asif Junaid Wilson, University of Illinois at Chicago

6B: Research Presentations: Contesting "Public," "Democracy," "Social Justice"

Is Teaching for Social Justice and Democracy an Oxymoron?
Connie North, University of Maryland

As Democratic as We Can Be
John Duffy, National Louis University

Redlining the Lavender Menace: Restrictive School Covenants as a Way to Deny Access to Undesirables in Education
Erica Meiners, Northeastern Illinois University; John Ploof, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; and others

Polycultural Education as a Variant of Multicultural Education: Its Origins, Agenda, Development
Roman Bulgakov, I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, Ukraine

6C: Research Presentations: Colonialism and Canadian Contexts

The Persistence of Professional Educational Practices that Reproduce Colonialism and Inequality
Carol Schick, University of Regina, Canada

What's Yours is Mine in White Settler Mythology
Valerie Mulholland, University of Regina, Canada

Language Diversity, Power, and Pre-Service Educator Belief Systems in Settler Postcolonial Saskatchewan
Andrea Sterzuk, University of Regina, Canada

6D: Curriculum Showcases: Addressing the "Isms" with Students and Student Teachers

Organizing the Curriculum: Labor's Voice in the Schools
Rob Linne and Laraine Wallowitz, Adelphi University

Picture Books for Critical Literacy
Kevin McGee, Eden Prairie Schools

Promoting Social Justice through Art
Ralph Raunft and Elizabeth Rossi, Miami University of Ohio

Teaching for Social Justice: Children's Literature in Pre-Service Teacher Education
Sara L. Young and Tara M. Nappi, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Breakout Session #7

7A: Research Presentations: Experiences of Pre-Service Teachers and Teacher Educators

On Democratizing Teacher Education
Paula Argentieri, University of California at Berkeley

"Should I Be Teaching?": A Novice Teacher Educator Grapples with Teaching toward Social Justice
Heather L. Horsley, University of Illinois at Chicago

The Disconnect of Idealized versus Realized Urban Teaching: Making Tangible Connections in Teacher Preparation
Eleni Katsarou, University of Illinois at Chicago

Poetry in Motion: Blurring the Boundaries in Teachers' Lives
Christopher Palmi, National-Louis University

7B: Curriculum Showcases: Linking Pre-Service Coursework with Communities

Journaling Project
Marsha Acerra and Elizabeth Himes, Ithaca College

Action for Illumination: Community-Based Research for Social Justice Teacher Education
Kate Kauper, DeeAnn Grove, and Caran Crawford, University of Iowa


7C: Curriculum Showcases: Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Technology in K-16 Classrooms

Sustainability, Urban Permaculture in Science and Math Curriculum
Erica R. Davila, Arcadia University; and Jody Luna, Conscious Designs, Inc.

Learning How to Teach Mathematics for Social Justice
Rico Gutstein, University of Illinois at Chicago; George Carr, Veronica Gonzalez, Amparo Ramos, Rut Rodriguez, and Robert Welch, Greater Lawndale/Little Village School for Social Justice

Designing Curriculum to Facilitate Digital Equity
Vivian Johnson, Hamline University

Breakout Session #8

8A: Research Presentations: Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers and Leaders

Urban Teacher Leadership Development for Equity-Based School Improvement
Sonia James-Wilson, University of Rochester

A Collaborative Intervention to the Lack of Male Teachers
Shaun Johnson, Indiana University

Using Participatory Action Research in a Teacher Training and Mentoring Program: Integrating Social Justice in Teacher Recruitment, Retention, and Preparation
Kalyani Rai and Pa Y. Vang, Univeristy of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Social Justice and Teacher Education: Reflections from an African American Male Professor Teaching at a Predominantly White University
Robert W. Simmons III, Eastern Michigan California

8B: Curriculum Showcases: Contexts for Interdisciplinary Teaching

Unpacking What It Means to Teach and to Learn in Urban Institutions: Voices from the Field
Yolanda Majors and Sana Ansari, University of Illinois at Chicago

Messages We Send Students: Connecting Critical Media Literacy to Content Areas
Adriane M. Slaton, Michigan State University

Soul Voices, Sound Changes
Laura Marie Thompson, Arturo Schomburg Satellite Academy

Post-Conference Workshop on Publishing for Emerging Scholars

Designed for emerging scholars (graduate students and recent graduates) in the field of teacher education and social justice, this workshop shares tips on publishing books and journal articles. The Director of the Center for Anti-Oppressive Education, Dr. Kevin Kumashiro, will lead this workshop. No registration necessary.

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