Center for Anti-Oppressive Education



2007 Conference




Tentative 2007 Conference Schedule
(as of December 22)


12:00pm Registration Begins (EPASW Building)
12:30-2:00 Breakout Session #1
2:15-3:45 Breakout Session #2
4:00-5:00 Opening Plenary Session
5:00-7:00 Booksigning and Networking Reception


8:30-9:00am Refreshments
9:00-10:30 Breakout Session #3
10:45-12:15 Breakout Session #4
12:15-1:45 Lunch (on your own)
1:45-3:15 Breakout Session #5
3:30-5:00 Breakout Session #6


8:30-9:00am Refreshments
9:00-10:30 Breakout Session #7
10:45-12:15 Breakout Session #8
12:15-2:00 Lunch (on your own)
2:00-5:00 Post-Conference Workshop on Publishing

* * * * *


Breakout Session #1

1A: Research Presentations: Examining the Experiences of Student Teachers

Perceptions of Social Justice among Selected Pre-Service Teachers in Abeokuta, South West Nigeria
Noah Adewale, Lagos State University at Ojo, Nigeria

Incongruous Multicultural Education and Implications for Effectively Imparting the Social Justice Ideal
Sheron Fraser-Burgess & Mervin E. Chisholm, Ball State University

Transformative Teacher Education: Constructing Conscientization
Daniel J. Glisczinski, University of Minnesota at Duluth

The Unexamined Whiteness of Teaching: Will the Cycle be Unbroken?
Bree Picower, New York University

1B: Research Presentations: Understanding Diversity and Difference in Schools

Leaving LGBT Students Behind: Schools, Sexuality, and Rights
Stacey S. Horn, University of Illinois at Chicago

Let Them Speak
Linda Piper Price, Institute of American Indian Arts

The Influence of Selected Noncognitive Variables on the Academic Success of Urban Black High School Males
Leon Rouson, Norfolk State University

How Can a Multicultural Education Class Help New Teachers to Dispel Their Own Stereotypes about Middle Eastern Cultures (Muslims and Arabs)?
Michelle Y. Szpara, Long Island University at C.W. Post

1C: Curriculum Showcases: Courses on the Social and Cultural Contexts of Schooling

Creating a Place for Transformative Thinking and Action: Growing a Place-Based Curriculum
Deborah Black, Keene State College

Cultural Foundations of Education
Erica R. Davila, Arcadia University

Preparing Socially Conscious Educators for a Diverse Society
Christina M. Reagle, Western Washington University

Breakout Session #2

2A: Research Presentations: Interrupting Initiatives from the Right

Complicity with Conservatism: The De-politicizing and Re-politicizing of Social Justice Education
Paul C. Gorski, EdChange and Hamline University

The War on Education
Narges Niedzwiecki, Orange Coast College

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Private Practices, Public Educators, and the Lifestyle Problems in Accreditation and Certification
Therese Quinn, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Should "The Achievement Gap" be Our Target?: An Imperialist Look at NCLB
Sharon Radd, University of St. Thomas

2B: Curriculum Showcases: Central Questions in Educational Discourse

Interrogating the Purpose of Schooling
Kim Hackford-Peer, University of Utah

Rethinking the Urban Crisis in Education
Heather Lewis, Pratt Institute, & Bethany Rogers, The College of Staten Island, CUNY

"What's This Book Doing in a Literacy Course?"
Rachel Martin, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

2C: Curriculum Showcases: Service Learning in Teacher Preparation

Service Learning as a Curriculum Component
Eileen Quinn Knight & Tamara Korenmen, Saint Xavier University

Developing Social Justice Consciousness through Service Learning and Reflection
Pamela T. Motoike & Tania D. Mitchell, California State University at Monterey Bay

Opening Plenary Session: Reframing Teacher Education

The Conference Organizer and the Director of CAOE will welcome all participants and provide a context for this conference with a presentation on recent initiatives from the Right on such policy issues as funding, censorship, and teacher certification. The presentation will focus on why politicians and the general public seem swayed by these initiatives, and how the Left can be proactive in advancing equity and justice. Immediately following the Opening Plenary Session will be Networking Reception and a booksigning by leading scholars in the field of education and social justice, including William Ayers, Stacey Horn, Amanda Lewis, Pauline Lipman, Larry Nucci, William Schubert, William Watkins, and others. Teaching for Change and Rethinking Schools will run the Conference Booksale throughout the weekend. Light refreshments will be provided.

* * * * *


Breakout Session #3

3A: Research Presentations: Curricula and Programs for Addressing Diversity among K-12 Students

Blowing Up the Canon: Assisting Students in Developing a Critical Lens
William McHenry & Raymond Salazar, Jones College Preparatory High School

The Impact of Mentoring and the Peer Management Strategies of Upwardly Mobile High School Students
Fred Muskal, University of the Pacific

The Teacher, Teacher Education and Curriculum Design for Social Justice
Henry Adewale Odunayo, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Nigeria)

3B: Curriculum Showcases: Using Technology in Teacher Preparation

Preparing Teachers to Teach towards Social Justice: Assignments for First Semester Pre-service Teachers
Shari Saunders, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Open for Discussion: Using Online Technology to Extend Classroom Conversation
Ann Schulte, California State University at Chico

3C: Curriculum Showcases: Innovative Program Content, Design, and Evaluation

Working Toward Equity through Standards-Based Field Experiences
Margaret J. Finders, Jon Davies, Barbara Gander, Jeanne Danneker, & Tracy Caravella, University of Wisconsin at La Crosse

Drawing on Transformative Experiences in Anti-Oppressive Teacher Education
Judith Reed, Keene State University

Showcasing CASEL's Implementation Toolkit and Selection Guide for Social and Emotional Learning Programming in Schools
Manolya Tanyu, Jennifer Axelrod, & Mary Utne O'Brien, University of Illinois at Chicago

Breakout Session #4

4A: Research Presentations: Collaborations between University and K-12 Educators

Collaborative Reforms: Exploring the Development of Community-Based University and School Partnerships
Andrew Allen, Finney Cherian, & Yvette Daniel, University of Windsor, Canada

A Cross-Institutional Dialogue about Social Justice: Four K-12 Educators and a Dissertator Sit at the Table
Connie North, University of Wisconsin at Madison, & Lauren Lebwohl, Oregon Middle School

Minimizing Practice: Academics, Teachers, and Power, Hierarchy, and Social Equity
Sarada Hanumadass Weber, Jones College Preparatory High School, & Debra Miretzky, National Society for the Study of Education

4B: Curriculum Showcases: K-12 Curriculum for Thinking Globally

Teaching Social Justice through International Literature: Words Without Borders
Susan Harris, Words Without Borders

A Comprehensive Approach to Reducing Student Suspensions in an Elementary School
Gary Kamino & Ryan Naidoo, Roselands Junior Public School, Canada

The People Behind the Numbers: Exposing Overpopulation Myths as a Tool for Social Justice Education
Amy Oliver, Hampshire College

4C: Curriculum Showcases: The Power of Stories and Narration

Critical Narrative Essays: A Reflective Strategy for Preparing Teachers to be Champions of Social Justice
Kelly Duffy, Vivian Johnson, & Robert Simmons III, Hamline University

Multicultural Awareness: Language, Literature, and Activities for the Classroom
Sandra Loughran, Dowling College, Katherine Schlicting, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, & Linda Fernsten, Dowling College

Pedagogy and Classroom Dynamics: Teaching Positionality, Power, and Identity Intersections
Mitsunori Misawa, University of Georgia

4D: Curriculum Showcases: Taking Action

Taking Action within a Five-Part Inquiry Infrastructure
Peter Appelbaum, Arcadia University

Action Research as a Tool for Change
Sara Falls, Abraham Lincoln High School and San Francisco Education Fund

Center for Urban Schooling: Social Justice and Teacher Education through Model Schools and Inner City Options
Jeff Kugler & Leslie Stewart Rose, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto, Canada)

Breakout Session #5

5A: Research Presentations: Experiences of K-12 Teachers

Becoming a Transformative Urban Teacher: Personalizing, Contextualizing, Problematizing, and Politicizing Teaching Practice
Kelly Donnell, Roger Williams University

A Case Study of a First-Generation Mexican Teacher's Culturally Comprehensive Knowledge and Self-Reflective Planning for Latino/a Mexican Elementary Students in a U.S. Midwestern School
Alberto Lopez-Carrasquillo, Illinois School District U-46

Understandings of Social Injustice in Teaching for Social Justice
Sung Choon Park, Ohio State University

"Someone Should Know Where We're Going": Teacher Negotiation of Mandated Literacy Reform
Elisa Salasin, University of California at Berkeley

5B: Research Presentations: Preparing Primarily White Teachers for Diverse Classroom

Educating for Social Justice and Progressivist Teacher Education: Are there Contradictions Here?
Charles Bingham, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Revisiting "The Master's Tools": Troubling the Ideal of Cross-Cultural Teacher Education
Ann Chinnery, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Why Fiona has No Accent, and Other Mysteries: Using Pop Culture Stereotypes to Further a Social Justice Approach in Teacher Education
Ozlem Sensoy, Simon Fraser University, Canada

There is No Innocent Space: The Challenges of Building Coalitions in Pre-Service Teacher Education Classrooms"
Dolores van der Wey, Simon Fraser University, Canada

5C: Curriculum Showcases: Teaching through the Arts in K-12 Schools and Teacher Preparation

Changing Pre-Service Praxis through Aesthetic Pedagogy
Sharon Hogan & Josephine Wise, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Adding Insult to Imagery?: Teaching, Censorship, and Mass Media
Robert W. Sweeny, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Xtine Hanson, California State University at Fullerton, & Heather Corbin, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Doing Democracy: Critical Multiculturalism and Social Justice for Teacher Preparation
Kevin M. Tavin, Ohio State University

Breakout Session #6

6A: Research Presentations: Troubling Categories of Diverse K-12 Students

Rising above Social Injustice
Audrey Cuff, Fielding University

Troubling the Troubles of Black Male Students in Urban Schools
Lance T. McCready, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto, Canada

Deconstructing Personal Hurdles through Installation Art
Irina Zadov, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

6B: Curriculum Showcases: Lessons and Courses for Student Teachers on Racial and Cultural Diversity

Starting the Dialogue about Race and Social Justice
Bil Johnson, Brown University

Lessons, Activities, and Curricular Resources for Teacher Preparation
Ian K. Macgillivray, James Madison University

A Different Diversity: Honoring the Diversity of Ideas
Ronald Narode, Portland State University

6C: Curriculum Showcases: Preparing Teachers to Teach for Democracy

Teaching Democracy and Global Issues in Isolationist, Patriotic Times
Sybil Durand & Bruce Parker, Purdue University

The Journey Continues Beyond Teacher Preparation: A Commitment in Curricular Design and Learning Opportunities for Practicing PK-12 Teachers to Teach Toward Social Justice
Teri Staloch, University of Wisconsin at La Crosse

* * * * *


Breakout Session #7

7A: Research Presentations: Re-Conceptualizing the Social Context of Education

Non-Native Speakers and the Importance of Voice in Western Academic Writing
Kathleen Alexander, Gonzaga University

The Right, the Left, the Absurd, and the Meaningful: Personal Narratives on Illegal Immigration and Social Injustice
Antonina Lukenchuk, National-Louis University

Reframing Law and Order: Making Prison Expansion an Educational Issue
Karen Benita Reyes, University of Illinois at Chicago, & Erica R. Meiners, Northeastern Illinois University

7B: Curriculum Showcases: Popular Culture and Critical Media Literacy

From West Coast Streets to West Bank Beats: Understanding Imperialism and Struggle through Global Hip Hop
Mark Gonzales, Human Writes Project and Jordan High School

Beyond the Picture Frame: Images and Identity in a Racialized Context
Andres L. Hernandez, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, & Deidre Searcy, Chicago International Children's Film Festival

Spittin' Knowledge Initiatives: A Hip-Hop Based Curriculum
Andrew J. Ryan, George Mason University and University of the District of Columbia

7C: Curriculum Showcases: Roles of Parents, Psychologists, and Community Members

A New Generation of Community Leaders and Teachers
Leticia Barrera, Ebelia Mucino, Elizabeth Pagan, & Ofelia Sanchez, Logan Square Neighborhood Association, with Bridget Murphy, LSNA, & Elizabeth Skinner, Chicago State University

Social Justice for School Psychologists
Joseph C. Kush, Duquesne University

Teaching to Make a Difference: Exploring Local Knowledge to Advance Cultural Competency
Gary Stiler & Ann Unterreiner, University of Redlands

Breakout Session #8

8A: Research Presentations: Emotion and Teaching

Queer Aporias: Straight Teachers and a Sexual Minority Curriculum
Patrick Finnessy, University of Illinois at Chicago

The Politics of Social Reproduction and the Limits of Curriculum: An Example from Anti-Oppressive Education
Carol Schick, University of Regina, Canada

Not Enough Chairs: The Art of Hosting Learning
E.V. VanderWeil, Gonzaga University

8B: Research Presentations: Race, Culture, and Education

The Center for Human Origin and Cultural Diversity: Merging Social Justice Literacy, Anthropology, and Science to Promote Teacher Self-Discovery
Jacquelyn Lewis-Harris & Joan Hoscher, University of Missouri at St. Louis

Exploring Critical Theories of Race in Mathematics Education for Black Students
Ebony McGee, University of Illinois at Chicago

Champions of Social Justice: Preparing Teachers for the Challenges of the New Millennium with Special Reference to Southern Africa and Urban Schools
Moses B. Rumano, Miami University of Ohio

Eugenic Ideology and Historical Osmosis: Responding to Initiatives from the Right
Ann H. Winfield, Roger Williams University

8C: Curriculum Showcases: Teaching for Social Justice across the K-12 Curriculum

Democratic Education Initiative
Shanti Elliott, Francis Parker School

Social Justice Issues in Health/Wellness/Physical Education
Cara N. Nance, Jones College Preparatory High School

Critical Creativity in the Curriculum: Examining Privilege through Collective Art Creation in the Social Justice Classroom
Debora Nelli, Portland State University

Post-Conference Workshop on Publishing for Emerging Scholars

Designed for emerging scholars (graduate students and recent graduates) in the field of teacher education and social justice, this workshop shares tips on publishing books and journal articles. Pre-registration is required, and space is being filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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